Saturday, February 18, 2017

Turtle, a Humble Teacher of Life

Nature, everything around us. Including us. Sometimes, people don’t understand, people don’t see better, people don’t listen. People just use what they wanted to use, people just see what they wanted to see, people just think what they wanted to think and do whatever they want to do. They don’t see another point of view, they don’t put themselves as the nature itself. So here they come. When nature don’t listen what people say, when nature don’t do what people want to do, when nature don’t act the way it supposed to act, when humans don’t synchronize with nature.

            Have you ever think about nature, once. How it provide everything for us, not only the materials, but also the value of life. What we should do in order live are actually synchronizing from nature.

            Now, have you ever think about turtle? Turtle that already exist in this world the longest. As we know, turtle had lived from the dinosaur era. Where we, humans aren’t even exist yet. Sure, they had more experience than us. And sure, they have something or maybe a lot of thing to teach us.

            The beginning of turtles are from inside the shells. The eggs. No wonder turtles are  tough animals. They meet their predators even when they were so young, too young maybe we can say. And, at this state, they can only just relies on the sand that covered them. They have neither a mother to defend nor a father to protect.

            After 8 to 10 weeks of developing, finally they hatched. Absolutely not all of them. This step of life is getting tougher as the increasing of obstacles and life threat. These little turtles came out of the sand and have to find their own way to life. Into the sea they go. So then they started to run and swim into the water. You think it’s easy to go to the water? Same when we learn to walk or learn to ride a bicycle, it’s not easy. Absolutely not. Imagine, it was the first time they came out to the world, but the predators and other life threat creatures with alert stand in front of them. But no matter how much it were, no matter how big they got, no matter how tall they stand and scary they were, the turtles tries hard to go through. No matter what, they don’t think those obstacles will stop them for going to the sea. Even if the the one who stand still and live were just only on third of the main amount.

            Without their parent they live, at this point, nature provide it all. They can eat and live from the nature without harming it. Not only the food and other things that support it, but also the threat. Yes, nature also serve the threat for it. It’s one of the cycle. How they live with balance. Turtle represent this independent character for us to be learnt.

            Here come the edge live for the turtle. When they become adult, there will be only one survivor among all of the eggs that laid in the beach back then. After they fight against the cruelty of this world, the survivor will come back to the beach where it hatched, and laid eggs there. Can you see how much loyalty it gives? After a long time they gone, faraway they swim, at the end, they always find their way back. They always found where they belong.

            And one more thing. They always live a humble life. They never change their house and take it wherever it goes.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

what do i do during my holiday?

in the last two weeks, we all have our first semester holiday. we have 2 weeks off from school, but actually my holiday is only one week hehehhehehe.
I did nothing much, most of the days i only stayed home and wathing dramas. because that's what entertains me the most. That week i finished Reply 1988.
I think it's a fun drama to watch. Despite how long can be an episode played, the story is interesting. it's actually aired in january 2016, but i just watch it now. This drama is telling about 5 families that lived in  ssangmundong neighbourhood around 1988. the main role is Sung deok son, a daughter from one of the family in there. This neighbourhood is so interesting, because they all live so closely and they were also close to each other.
at this point, i want to tell you a little bit about this neighbourhood and this drama. so there are 5 families:
1. Sung dong il (father)
member: lee il hwa (mother)
sung bo ra (oldest daughter)
sung deok son (second daughter)
sung no eul (third son)

this family lived in the basement of another family's house. Their house was small but enough to sustain their life. the sisters in this family are always fighting because the oldest one is so grumpy and unpatient. She's smart and study at seoul university so she always been considered as a precious daughter of them. The second daughter isnt the really smart one, she is a sweet kind hearted girl but not given a smart brain. She is the main character of this story because this story is actually tells about the future deok son while being interviewed about her teenage life. The third son is the spoiled one to his father. he's not so smart either kind hearted, but he's a fun kid afterall.

2. kim family
ra miran
kim jung bong
kim jung hwan
this family is the rich one, they live upstairs of sung family. the father of this family is quite a freak one. he always babble something unuseful and do funny and absurd things. the mom is so grumpy and always call them with a yell. the first son is the one who didnt make it to university after 7 attemp. and the last one is a smart and ignorant boy who actually likes duk son but doesnt want to confess it in any way.

Bored of being stay home all day, finally i come outside and have a 'real' holiday with my family.

first, i stayed in regata hotel for one night because we got a coupon frome my mom's friend. I forgot what day was it but i think it's a weekdays. The hotel is located in Setiabudi street beside Rumah Mode. we came there at 8 P.M. At night, we didnt do much, my sister watches drama hehehehe because there's wifi altough it's not so well networked. we ate pop mie and just take some photos. we all fell asleep at around 11 o'clock.

the next morning, we thought that the coupon was include for breakfast also. so my parents told me and my sisters to go to brakfast. it turns out that the coupon wasn't including breakfast. But that time, we already eat and the waiter say it's fine because there is a room who already check out and didn't eat their breakfast, so in the end, there's no charges given by the hotel, we're all so happy!!
After breakfast, we swim in the swimming pool, i didnt going in but my younger sister and brother did. I, my mom and my older sister just watching them and took some photos.

We checked out from the hotel at around 11.30 and heading up to rumah mode to have lunch and a little bit refreshing. we came back home at 13.30 and arrived at 15.00.
Our holiday doesnt stops there. the next day we were going to kamojang garut, yeaayyyy. we stay for a night in kamojang green hotel and resort. it was such a beautiful place with a breezy weather.

We leave from home at 8 a.m. in the morning and arrived first in candi cangkuang. We crossed a lake to see that candi with a raft, then we arrived in Pulo village, it was a traditional village in garut. We sightseeing for about 30 minutes and got back to the car then heading to baso cilok for lunch. We have meatballs and noodle for lunch in baso cilok if i'm not mistaken. it's a good dish i think and i love the stock the most. well, what food that i dont love actually, right? hehehehehhe.

we finished lunch at 2 p.m. i guess, and heading straight to kamojang green hotel and resort. we only share a room altough our family members are 6 and my dad actually like it to be seperated because he have 3 daughter. we only share one room because my father wasnt going together with us. He came later at night.

when we arrived there in 3 pm, first we take a look around the place. The resort is such a beautiful place with a lake in the middle of it. We can look around the lake using a canoe (or a boat,?). We got so excited when it comes to this canoe. so we begged our mom to ride this canoe. finally, we all ride this canoe with my mom whose the most anxious one. she cant stay still because she was so worried that the canoe might flip back hohoho. That was a fun and amusing time because we all share our laugh and experience together. There's no accident that time because we all row so well hehehe (fyi, we row the canoe ourselves).

At night, we had a dinner coupon, but my father haven't arrived there and the coupon is only valid for two person. So i and my younger sister is the one who ate hehehe. The food was great and we like it.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Experience Jurong Bird Park

Charming visitors the world over since taking flight in 1971, Jurong Bird Park is one of the most renowned bird sanctuaries with some of the largest free-flying aviaries in the world.

In habitats that mirror their naturalistic environments, Jurong Bird Park is home to the colours of the world, as Asia’s largest bird park with a collection of more than 5,000 birds across 400 species. Our park and its line-up of award-winning exhibits, located at the west-end of Singapore, offers 20.2 hectares of exploratory landscape and gives visitors the opportunity to meet and interact with our feathered residents.

Hike into the wondrous and largest walk-in aviary, the Waterfall Aviary that houses over 600 birds as well as a 30-metre high waterfall. As these small birds flutter freely around the surroundings of over 100 plant species, enjoy close encounters with these birds during daily feeding sessions and for your chance to see the elusive crested guinea fowl and the iridescent starling, turaco and roller.

Go down under to yet another world’s largest, the 9-storey high Lory Loft, the biggest lory flight aviary. Here, you’ll meet our Australian natives, the friendliest birds at the Park. Experience an up-close feeding frenzy as you walk across the suspended bridges with a cup of nectar mix in your hand. You’ll soon find bright and chirpy lory and lorikeets flocking around you, with some even nestling up to you on your shoulders! Head over to Jungle Jewels, the rich South American tropical rainforest and be greeted by the striking toucan. Eye the treetops and look out for the brightly coloured tanager and red-crested cardinal.

Head off on an expedition at Penguin Coast and see our residents of the Antarctic housed in an impressive ‘explorer ship’. Get a panoramic view of the penguins as they dive and torpedo through the waters. Outdoors, meet their tropical cousins, the African penguins and get your chance to feed them during at the Penguin Encounter sessions.

Our open concept Flamingo Lake is another must-see where hundreds of greater and lesser flamingos strut around one of the most picturesque sights in the Park. Nearby, Pelican Cove is home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of pelican species. The specially-constructed underwater viewing gallery gives you the opportunity to observe how pelicans dip and dive for fish.

Our efforts in breeding and conservation have not gone unnoticed, having been awarded international accolades in this area. The Breeding & Research Centre (BRC), opened to the public for the first time in June 2012 since its inception in 1988, gives you a behind-the-scenes look into how we take care of eggs and chicks that are endangered or have sometimes been abandoned. For another glimpse into the Park’s success in breeding and conservation, visit the Hornbill & Toucan Aviary.

There’s also lots of fun in store for children. At Birdz of Play, soak in and get wild in this bird-themed playground with wet and dry playzones for families with kids of all ages. Toddlers and kids can wade in the shallow pool and zoom down water slides, while older kids can revel with squirt sprays and wait under the giant tipping bucket for a humongous splash! At the dry zone, they’ll experience flights of fun with the flying fox, and tiny tots will find endless enjoyment on the see-saws, swings and slides. And for those who just want to chill out, the multi-purpose pavilion is where you can dig in to a refreshing Birdz of Play CafĂ© ice cream treat.

If you've never thought that birds could be entertaining, we'll change your mind here. Flock over to our newest show the High Flyers Show, featuring a star-studded lineup of our feathered friends where you too can get into the action. Then tuck in to a sumptuous Asian buffet lunch at Songbird Terrace and enjoy the Lunch with Parrots show in a cosy setting that overlooks the beautiful Flamingo Lake. For free-flying, heart-thumping action, do not miss the Kings of the Skies show where the ancient sport of falconry is demonstrated by our hosts and the ferocious flying predators.

Hop onboard our guided trams or take a leisurely stroll around the Park and explore the lush jungles. You’ll be swept off your feet in our colourful paradise of unforgettable experiences and personal encounters with our feathered friends. We look forward to welcoming you soon!



1. How many species of birds that this park has as collection?
a. 5000
b. 400
c. 3000
d. 500
e. 200

2. Where can you meet the Australian natives bird in this park?
a. High Flyers
b. Jungle jewels
c. Birdz of Play
d. Lory Loft
e. Waterfall Aviary

3. What is Jungle jewels?
a. The rich South American tropical rainforest
b. residents of the Antarctic housed in an impressive ‘explorer ship
c. most picturesque sights in the Park
d. The specially-constructed underwater viewing gallery
e. Breeding and conservation place

4. Why is Jurong Bird Park home to the colours of the world ?
a. because this bird park is Asia’s largest bird park with a collection of more than 5,000 birds across 400 species
b. because it's located at the west-end of Singapore
c. because the habitats of the birds here mirror their naturalistic environments
d. because people can meet and interact with the bird here
e. because it feels like home

5. When can we meet the bird closely?
a. During daily feeding session
b. When we arrived there
c. When there're no people
d. When the aviary has no guard
e. During the hiking

Sunday, October 9, 2016

today, I heard stories from four of my friends. The lesson today, was about story telling. So we telling each other a story.
Qinthara, Bayu, Qori, and Alif were my teammates.

My story is about a security who patrol at night in Florence Nightingale's hospital Museum. He arbitrarily talking about past when suddenly a group of ghosts walk towards him and he can only scream and cry. From this story, i learnt that we cant be arbitrare especially to something that have a history that cant be underrated. Another thing is you have to be brave and search a way out if you caught in trouble.

Qinthara's story is Sleeping beauty, a girl who was cursed by a fairy who was uninvited in the girl's birth feast to be sleeping after he touch a needle in his 16th birthday, but then saved by a brave prince who kissed her in true love. This story tells us that we should be kind to everybody, dont get to picky if you are celebrating something. The feast forexample, if they invite the last fairy, she musnt be cursing the princess. One more thing that i got from the story is that love can beat everything, even a very strong curse.

Bayu's story is about a greedy dog who cant resist to take two bone which one of it is actually a reflection of his bone and himself. This is a valuable story, this story teach us to not be greedy as a this story, the greedy dog lost both, his bone and the reflection which will affect to us the same if we do as it. We will lost more if we're greedy

Alif's story is about Ramayana, the mighty Rahwana who kidnapped Shita and the faithful Rama who saved Shita out from rahwana's stranglehold trough some tough obstacles. This story tells us that we can't take other's right (in this case, Shita is Rama's right and rawana take her) and also, as a couple you need to have faith in each other so if one of the couple is in danger, you can help each other.

Qori's story is about Little Red Riding Hood, a girl who send a basket full of goodies to her grandmother but then her grandmother suddenly changed into a wolf who want to eat this story, the red riding hood shouldnt talk to strangers on the way to her grandmother's house, her mother told her to. but she didn't do that, she talk to mr. wolf.. What i got from this story is that we should obey the rules from our mom, dad, or other people who experienced more for or own sake. in the real world, this case is similiar to the nowadays operation mode of kidnapping.

from those story, i got a lot of good message that i can apply daily. thanks to those who have made this story and tell other for their own good.


For all students of SMAN 3 Bandung, we announce that we will open an audition for SMANTIGOTAL (Sman 3 got talent) that take time&place in:

Time: Friday, October 7th (1pm-8pm)

Saturday, October 8th (8am-4pm)

Place: Aula Baru

This audition held without any charges and opened for every students of SMAN 3 from 10th grader to 12th grader. So please, come and show us your talent! We know you got that talent!


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Adham in The Disneyland!

This is a story about a boy.
A confident boy.
A very brave boy.
When everybody else got scare, he stand barvely in front of the line...

So, this is actually a story of Adham, if you following my blog, you'll know that this is the loudest person in our class. Of course he got his confident over the line (no offense but this is the truth). So, do you want to know the story?
even if you dont want to know it i will just go and tell the story. :)

Adham, went to America in July 2012. He went to america in order to join the International Skating competition as a delegate from Indonesia. This competition took place in Las Vegas, the town of casino. So he said, when he arrived in this city, there are place of casino everywhere. So, he should stay 5 feet away and close his face everytime he walked everywhere.

As an 11 years old child, who dont want to go to disneyland? who dont want to go to universal studio? As a child, those place must be the place where we can find happiness. Happiness spread everywhere! Adham was also a bright brave and happy young kid. So, he and his friends went to Disneyland and universal studios.

Disneyland has many amazing ride among the huge and wonderful space. The scariest one ever that Adham had tried are the roller coaster and the haunted house. The boy that i talked about before, is exactly Adham. Yes, he was very confident and brave, so when he rode the roller coaster, he confidently took a seat in the most front seat. According to him, he used 3 diffrent safety belt. The first one was for the upper area of the body, one was for the waist, and one more was for the hands. If i were him i would think that this ride is gonna be scary, i would pray all over the time until it start to move, and i woul scream as loud as i can to relieve my scareness.
but it'd diffrent when it comes to Adham. Yes, he wasn't scare. So then thr roller coaster starts to play. He was just relaxed in his seat and hear the scream of everybodyelse behind him. Then suddenly, the roller coaster went up high to the sky. This part started to pumped his heart faster. Then he reached the peak...



the roller coaster swoop down sharply into the ground. Adham's heart got out from his chest, his voice barely sound and his face, was truly in scared. He hoped that he didn't die in this severe coaster.
The coaster went slow and stop. With his pale and ghastly face, he went down the coaster and gathered again with his friends. But with his dignity, he hid his pale and ghastly face and show his brave face to his friends. "I'm not scared. Lets continue!"
Then they continued to the haunted house. Another horrific ride in the disneyland. He said that he got the third level, almost advance. He went in with 5 of his friends. As always, with his confident he step in in the most front.
It was dark and cold, just like the other haunted house. The ambience around him was quite and creepy.
A bunch of hands appeared around him and his friends. It grabbed them from every corner, some of his frends was screaming in horror and run deeper. They also met a clown with a horror face startled them.
The worst part was when a ghost, an ugly- dreadlocked zombie came towards them with his hand helding a knife. Everybody screamed and run as fast as they can.
Afterwards, they reached the exit door. They were so relived that they finished this ride. It was a true horror.
This scaring ride in disneyland las vegas didn't scared Adham out. It was an unforgettable moment to him that he should pay back another time. And he will still be him, a brave and confident person who stand in front of the other.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Does anybody here know Weh Island? It is not very familiar, is it?
or anybody know Sabang? Ya! You must’ve know it, right?

Sabang is a city that locate in the westest area of Indonesia. It is where the 0 km of Indonesia located. Precisely, Sabang is where Weh island located. it’s in the north of sumatera island. This small island, for me, look like a really peace place where I can share all my happiness and sadness to the nature without any disruption. I really like this kind of place. Unlike the big capital city in Indonesia, where all the people are busy with their own work, some of them may be apathetic, where I can’t find any quite, lonely, and peaceful place to re energize and refresh myself, sabang provides.

oh yes, I’ve never been into this city before, but my father had. He said, in this city all the people are caring, they were all aware to the surroundings including other people and the nature surround. Those are lovely. I would like to go to that kind of place, so I did some kinds of internet surfing
according to the internet site that I went to, they said that to go to this island don’t need a really high budget. for 5 day stay, the minimum price will be about RP2.500.000,-. So firstly if we want to go there, we should take a flight to Aceh or medan, if you want to go straight from aceh, you just have to continue your trip to pulau weh by ferri or expressboat in Ulee Lheue terminal, then you’ll reach it! But if you want to go from Medan, they say that you will have to travel with bus to aceh first, then continue your trip as what I wrote before.
I got the reference from:

The most popular beach in this island is Iboih Beach, Gapang Beach, and Sumur Tiga beach. But, beside I want to go to these beautiful and popular beach, I also wanna try to trekking by my own and find a hidden unpopular beach and mark it as mine just for a day, hehehe (I think I can ?). I think it would be so fun to do that. I can also find a new place and experience if I do that. So hopefully I can reach this goal.
Iboih Beach

Gapang Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach

Beside these beautiful beach as the attractiveness of this island, in this island we can also go to the “0 kilometer monument of Indonesia”. If we visit this place, we can get a certificate of 0 kilometer monument of Indonesia, which said that we have visited this place. It’s a proudness to visit the 0 kilometer monument of Indonesia, isn't it? Some meaning will be, we have reached the first Indonesia’s territory, the westest of Indonesia. What an honour.

Hasil gambar untuk tugu 0 kilometer

I have also watched a video of some Indonesian traveler who travel in Weh Island. the site is: (watch it to get more amazed with this island)

This video tells me a lot about Weh Island. We can see the beautifulness of Weh Island in this video, and this video is actually one of the reason why I want to go to Weh Island. One fun fact that I found out in this video is that Weh Island is actually stand in a living coral. There are corals that we can see in the land. some tree’s roots are stand in coral, the plants are stand in coral, everything are based with coral and some of them are growing bigger and make such a unique fascination.

There’s one more fact that I found in this video. Since the city named “Sabang”, people make it an acronym as “SAntai BANGet” which means “Soooo relaxes”so everything in this city are really relax and chill which support my reason why I want to go here. to chill. yes. that’s all I want. Get all my problems away. enjoying life. Since I cant get all my problems away forever, I will only go here for certain time, special time, where this chilling time is necessary. because you know, problems wont stay away from you. If one problem finished, there will come another problem. because you know, life is about problem. your life will go on if you have a problem, so yeah you should enjoy your problem too, beside enjoying Weh island. :)
Ok, I got so out of topic but let’s continue.

But the best of the best in this island is……. Ofcourse the SEA!!! This is Indonesia, and you know exactly, this is a maritime country, and this is Weh island! ofcourse the best of the best is the under the sea~ view, right? Ya, in this island you can do snorkeling or diving as what other place do in Indonesia. well yeah, Indonesia is the paradise of diving. As Albert Einstein once said “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Exactly what he means, I want to understand everything better, so I have to look deep into nature, and this is one way for me to look deep into nature.
Gapang underwater

So, everything in this Island makes me want to go there so so bad. The beach, the people, the sea, the coral, the 0 kilometer monument, the peaceful ambience, the “so chill” city, just everything. I believe every place has it own attractiveness, and these attractiveness in Sabang especially Weh Island had had been attracting me since then. I really hope that I can go there someday. Enjoying the peacefulness of the place and the beauty of the nature. I. Really. Hope.
Maybe that’s all that I want to share to all of you about Weh Island. Pray for me so I can go there, ok! Maybe with you, if you want? Hehehehe, I’m just kidding. :)

Oh yes, i want to add one more thing, this island is popular by the foreigners. Many of them had been here for such a long time, but still want to go back here again. What i said before, they interest in the relaxness of this island. It's essential. So why dont i go there if there are many foreigner who wants to go back there over and over again. I would also love to go there!